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School Groups

Salient Tours has a long history, since 1994, of guiding school groups around the battlefields. Our largest group was over 130 children in three double decker buses. Many schools come back every year. Our smaller groups could be just a half dozen students, cub scouts, sports teams or musical bands and such. We love to teach the children the story of WW1 and they are usually fascinated by it and crowd around the guide to catch every detail. We all find it very rewarding to be able to enlighten them on the horrors, the heroes, the futility and the wonders of The Great War.

Other Group Tours

Many companies and international organisations bring their people to Flanders for various reasons and we have guided many of them over the years. We have guided The Nuffield Trust, The German Marshall Plan of the United States, The Royal Engineers, ACV International, DFDS Ferries, The ATI Group, Royal Canadian Air Cadets, PSP Brussels, The Vimy Foundation, HMS Albion Crew and many more. Again, like the schools, we can offer a walk on guide or a fully organised package with coach, lunch and more included.


Your tour request will be different

from everyone else's, so please 

contact us with a brief outline of

your needs and we'll respond to

you as soon as possible.

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