Vimy Ridge Tour

To all Canadians, it is the battle that forged the identity of their young nation. To the British, it was their first major success of WW1.

For the men of all four Canadian Divisions waiting to go into battle together for first time, and for thousands of their British comrades, it was painfully apparent that the eyes of the world were upon them.

Click for larger image!Then suddenly, as sleet and snow swept the ground on Easter Monday 1917, a finely-tuned artillery and infantry attack caught the German defenders of Vimy almost completely off-guard. By the end of the day, the massively fortified ridge was almost entirely in Canadian and British hands for the first time in over two years. Only Hill 145, where the magnificent Vimy monument now stands, and a small feature known as The Pimple held out.

Three days of ferocious fighting later and the entire escarpment was finally won. For the first time since 1914 the victors stood poised on the summit and looked down on the Douai plain and the strategic industrial heartland of Northern France. To the bedraggled and retreating German Army, it was the beginning of the end.

Today, proud and dominant and sitting high on the ridge, the beautiful Vimy Memorial is recognised by Canadians everywhere as their National War Memorial. The thousands of acres surrounding it, now dense woodland, is still scarred with trenches and tens of thousands of shell and mine craters. The whole site is now owned and maintained by the Canadian Government who treat the area as a sacred place. Within the grounds there are cemeteries that remind us all of those other men, from Britain, France, Australia and New Zealand and other countries who also made the ultimate sacrifice to give us the peace that now reigns over Vimy Ridge. Our tour is there to honour them all.

Click for larger image!Note - Our tours always visits Anzac and Canadian sites. Regular visits to Fromelles and Aubers Ridge are available. Special Canada Day and Anzac Day excursions are regular features of Salient Tours.

  • Canada Day tour available to Vimy Ridge and Beaumont-Hamel Newfoundland Park. Contact us for more information.

  • Anzac Day tour to Passchendaele Ceremony, and Fromelles. Contact us for more information.
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    All of our tours can incorporate a visit to a particular cemetery and war grave where practical or others by special arrangement. Talk to us and let us know what you want to see and we'll see if we can help.

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